International Water Institute

Our mission: To foster watershed stewardship through leadership in decision support, environmental monitoring, and educational programming.


The International Water Institute works with partners to develop and deliver quality watershed education programming that engages local communities, provides hands-on, experiential learning for youth, and contributes to our understanding of watershed health.


The International Water Institute collaborates with watershed managers, university faculty, and federal and local government agencies to address critical water management issues related to flood damage reduction and natural resource enhancement.

Why River Watch?

River Watch students from around the Red River Basin share why they participate in River Watch:

“We just turn on our water, and we don’t care, but we need to think about where it’s coming from—that’s why River Watch is important.” 

“If you’re ever in an ecology class, it goes hand in hand.  It’s fun if you put yourself into it.  It’s nice to be out in the field, out in the area that you are actually learning about.”

“It’s nice to be outside, even when it’s cold, it’s better to be outside cold and learning then sitting in the classroom and trying to learn the same thing.”