2021 River Watch Forum Overview

Just Around the River Bend: 2021 River Watch Forum Overview

The 26th Annual River Watch Forum was held virtually this year, but that didn’t stop students and teachers from getting involved! Three challenges were created based on a few activities in River Watch:

The scores of each of these challenges were compiled to determine the winners of the Forum as well as a few honorable mentions you will find below!


Water Quality of the Red River

Students were given the task of matching water quality data to the correct location on a map of the Red River (easier said than done)! 


Macroinvertebrates of the Red River Basin

Students identified macroinvertebrates using a dichotomous key, and then determined the pollution tollerance rating for the stream.


Sharing and Preparing

Each River Watch team created a work plan for their upcoming year with River Watch, and then wrote a social media post to be shared on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

2021 1st Place

Red Lake Falls

The Red Lake Falls team did best in the social media challenge, accumulating over 345 “likes” on Facebook and Instagram! In 2021, they hope to participate in both a kayaking trip and macroinvertebrate sampling as well as recruit new members to the team!

2021 2nd Place


Climax-Shelly has been involved in River Watch for 26 years! Their highest score came from both the Water Quality and Macroinvertebrate challenges and they hope to conduct two water quality monitoring outings as well as a River Explorers trip!

2021 3rd Place


Minto River Watch’s best challenge was the social media challenge with over 160 “likes” between Facebook and Instagram! The River Watch team hopes to go on a couple monitoring outings and get out on the Forest River for a River Explorers Trip!

2021 Honorable Mention


This year is Lakota’s first year in River Watch but they still scored highest in the macroinvertebrate challenge! They’re hoping to get out to see some real-life macros and do some kayaking!

2021 Honorable Mention


Campbell-Tintah is one of our longest active schools and also did a great job with the macroinvertebrate challenge! They are hoping to get out for a River Explorers trip and recruit some new members for the coming years! 

2021 Honorable Mention

Norman County East

Norman County East has been involved in River Watch for a few years and did great in both the Water Quality and Macroinvertebrate challenges. They would like to get out and do some water quality and macro sampling as well as learn and use a stream table!