A Day in the Life of a Water Quality Monitor – Step by Step Guide to Field Monitoring

Phillip Oswald, Monitoring and Education Specialist A day in the life of a water quality monitor is a balance of planning and reacting. Under normal conditions, we sample every 10-14 days. However, I have to be ready to sample the very next day if there is a big rain event. The International Water Institute (IWI)…
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River Recreation (especially in the Red River Basin)

Asher Kingery, Project Specialist Over the years I have shortened how I introduce myself to others as simply a ‘river person.’ It’s short and easy to say but it leaves people confused and wondering what I do…..perfect!  Now they are ready to hear stories and learn more about what that self-made term means, and they…
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Advice for the Young Natural Resource Professional – 5 Things to Consider

Danni Halvorson, Education and Monitoring Director The following pieces of advice are an attempt to provide some guidance to those seeking employment and/or while working in a natural resources field.  All considerations are opinion based on 20+ years of working as a Natural Resource Professional in the Red River Basin.    Consideration #1 – All jobs…
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Nothing Makes Sense About Being A Research Director, Unless You Realize Your Career Follows a Crooked Path

By: Mark Deutschman I had just agreed to join the staff of the International Water Institute (IWI) on a part-time basis after 30 plus years in private consulting. The voice of the Executive Director, Chuck Fritz, on the other end of the phone line asked, “What are we going to call you, Mark?” I replied…
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Fresh Look for 2018

Welcome to the International Water Institute’s new website! We revamped the site in its entirety, so take your time to explore and feel free to reach out to our staff with any questions. Stay tuned for more updates soon!