Advice for the Young Natural Resource Professional – 5 Things to Consider

Danni Halvorson, Education and Monitoring Director The following pieces of advice are an attempt to provide some guidance to those seeking employment and/or while working in a natural resources field.  All considerations are opinion based on 20+ years of working as a Natural Resource Professional in the Red River Basin.    Consideration #1 – All jobs…
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Nothing Makes Sense About Being A Research Director, Unless You Realize Your Career Follows a Crooked Path

By: Mark Deutschman I had just agreed to join the staff of the International Water Institute (IWI) on a part-time basis after 30 plus years in private consulting. The voice of the Executive Director, Chuck Fritz, on the other end of the phone line asked, “What are we going to call you, Mark?” I replied…
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IWI Map Portal

By: Austin Braget Hello everyone and welcome to our first blog posting of 2019!  This entry focuses on the IWI map portal, where you can find it, and what you can do with it. On the IWI website,, scroll down on the main page until you see the IWI Map Portal image and click…
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Where Are They Now? 2018 River of Dreams Canoe Sightings

By: Andy Ulven, with contributions from the Education team With hundreds of canoes now launched annually, reports of River of Dreams canoe sightings are becoming more commonplace, averaging several per week during ice-free months. From discoveries reported near the original launch site, to those popping up after years of silence hundreds of miles downstream, checking these…
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PTMApp Hydro-conditioning Finds, Part II

By: Austin Braget, with contributions from the GIS team We are back with another set of interesting imagery finds from around the Red River Basin. This one has a number of features we had a difficult time identifying. The first two images (below) show the typical moisture patterns of fields with subsurface tile drainage. We look…
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Headed to Hudson Bay: 2018 River of Dreams

The IWI revived its River of Dreams (ROD) program in 2016, and it has generated some of my most memorable work experiences to date. In the spring of 2018, ROD reached 18 schools, 31 classrooms, and over 600 students throughout the Red River Basin. Every year I find I am more impressed with our students’…
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PTMApp Hydro-conditioning Finds

By: Austin Braget, with contributions from the GIS team Here at the International Water Institute, the GIS group has been quite busy working on hydro-conditioning for our Prioritize, Targaret, Measure Application (PTMApp). We have been scouring the landscape of the Red River Basin, and during our work, we have come across a few interesting features…
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From the Director’s Desk: George A. Sinner (Bud), IWI Chairman Emeritus

George A. Sinner (Bud), IWI Chairman Emeritus We were preparing for one of our important meetings in the golf course parking lot, he said; “My car keys are here”, as he placed them in the small golf bag pocket.  With a smile, I asked; “Why are you telling me this?”  He replied; “You know Chuck,…
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Nine Years Later: River of Dreams Canoe Found in Frozen River Bank

When each River of Dreams canoe is launched, it is the wish of every student to someday have their canoe found downstream. Inevitably, most of the canoes wind up lodged in debris jams, beaver dams, or wash up onto banks during high flow events. Each takes its own unique path and may disappear from our…
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Fresh Look for 2018

Welcome to the International Water Institute’s new website! We revamped the site in its entirety, so take your time to explore and feel free to reach out to our staff with any questions. Stay tuned for more updates soon!