From the Director’s Desk: George A. Sinner (Bud), IWI Chairman Emeritus

George A. Sinner (Bud), IWI Chairman Emeritus We were preparing for one of our important meetings in the golf course parking lot, he said; “My car keys are here”, as he placed them in the small golf bag pocket.  With a smile, I asked; “Why are you telling me this?”  He replied; “You know Chuck,…
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Nine Years Later: River of Dreams Canoe Found in Frozen River Bank

When each River of Dreams canoe is launched, it is the wish of every student to someday have their canoe found downstream. Inevitably, most of the canoes wind up lodged in debris jams, beaver dams, or wash up onto banks during high flow events. Each takes its own unique path and may disappear from our…
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Fresh Look for 2018

Welcome to the International Water Institute’s new website! We revamped the site in its entirety, so take your time to explore and feel free to reach out to our staff with any questions. Stay tuned for more updates soon!