Challenge #3 Forum Submission

In paragraph form, share your teams thought process and rationale for why you made the matches that you did while completing Challenge 1. Maximum word count: 400.
In paragraph form, share why macroinvertebrate sampling is useful and examples of macroinvertebrates you would expect to find at your school’s sampling sites. *Hint – dig deeper into what types of environments, or water quality, different macroinvertebrates need in order to thrive. **If your school is used as an example in the map, please focus on a different sampling location.
Submit text and photos for a social media post to be shared on the International Water Institute’s Facebook and Instagram accounts. Posts can include favorite memories, winning projects, history of the program, etc. The post must be appropriate and directly related to River Watch. The winning school will be selected based on the numbers of shares and likes of the post within it’s first 72 hours. ***In addition to the post text, please write a description for each photo uploaded.
Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 10 files.
Please upload any photos you would like to be shared with your post. Minimum Requirement – 1 photo. Maximum – 10 photos.
Select the activities that your River Watch team hopes to accomplish in the year 2021.
Work together as a team to create a plan to accomplish the above selected activities. ***Example: Before school is out, we would like to go sampling 2 times. We would also like to go on a River Explorers trip. This would be planned before fall sports practice begins in August and after mid-June. To make sure that we accomplish these tasks, we will email our River Watch staff member mid-March for sampling dates and plan a River Explorers trip before school is out for the year.