Meet David Kramar

David Kramar | Research Director

Innovative, Driven, Passionate

David is thrilled to bring his passion for natural resources and environmental issues to IWI. Over the course of his career, David has worked in the public, private, non-profit, and academic sectors. His work over this time period has bridged many disciplines, but the overarching theme has always focused on addressing environmental concerns through applied research. David brings in over 20 years of geospatial expertise focusing on spatial modelling, non-linear and non-parametric statistical modelling, and machine learning.

His passion in geospatial technologies and environmental sciences is what led to his undergraduate and graduate degrees in Geography, with a focus on Geographic Information Science. His master’s degree focused on understanding the role that land cover and land use play in the availability of environmental mercury to piscivorous birds. He continued this work for his doctoral degree, completed in 2014 at Virginia Tech, focusing on mercury in the Virginia bald eagle population. During the course of his graduate degrees, he worked with several international research teams addressing environmental mercury in Northeast North America and another focused on better understanding the eastern North American golden eagle populations.

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