Meet Danielle Graham

Danielle Graham | Monitoring and Education Specialist

Faithful, Tenderhearted, Dauntless  

Danielle Graham joined the staff at the International Water Institute as a Monitoring and Education Specialist in 2018. Before entering this new role, she served as a member of IWI in the capacity of an Individual Placement, with the Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa in 2017. Prior to 2017, Danielle was a member of a field crew, focusing on conservation projects on the North Shore of Lake Superior and responding to wildfires and natural disasters across the country. Before working in conservation, Danielle worked at a variety of nonprofits performing educational programming and outreach.

At the International Water Institute, Danielle combines her passions, and focuses on our monitoring, educational programming, and geospatial analysis projects. She also contributes to maintaining the website and updating social media accounts.  If you attend a River Watch event, you will most likely find Danielle running around with her camera in hand. 

Danielle is from Sandstone, MN, and attended Gustavus Adolphus College, where she completed her B.A. degree by double-majoring in Geography and Sociology/Anthropology.  Danielle enjoys coffee, being outside, and dancing to the beat of her own drum.

Contact Danielle: (320) 216-5154 |