Meet Mark Deutschman

Mark Deutschman| Senior Research Director

Passionate, Accountable, Respectable


Mark is excited about helping the IWI continue efforts to find new and innovative methods for developing, sharing and communicating science information to inform decision making. Mark has had the pleasure of serving public and private sector clients by developing and applying innovating solutions to solve water and ecological related problems for more than 30 years, as a private consultant.
His passion is ecology, which is why he pursued and completed undergraduate and graduate degrees in Zoology, first at the University of Montana followed by North Dakota State University. After graduating with his Master’s degree he served in a research position for nearly 4 years with the State of North Dakota. He joined a national consulting firm in Minneapolis in late 1987, which started him on his consulting career. In the early 1990s he decided to further his knowledge about water quality and water quality modeling and entered the graduate program in Civil Engineering at the University of Minnesota, graduating in 1997 with a PhD.


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