Meet Shelly Carroll

Shelly Caroll | IWI Stewardship Program

Curious, Pleasant, Big-picture

Shelly has been involved in IWI since its establishment. Freshly hired by the MN Department of Natural Resources when the flood of 1997 occurred, she helped DNR Regional Director Paul Swenson and Chuck Fritz build a coalition for water education and water management solutions throughout the Upper Midwest.

Shelly’s career in public service has spanned all levels of government, and all sizes of private business. Her duties for nearly 30 years have focused on using location intelligence to improve both environmental and economic outcomes.
Shelly and her husband own Mixed Forage Farms, a water-quality certified regenerative farming operation near Park Rapids, Minnesota. They share their love of conservation and stewardship with nieces, nephews, extended family, and anyone wanting to learn. The farm is also home to three endurance horses and two cats.

Contact: | (218) 290-9056