Watershed Education

The International Water Institute utilizes a cross-curricular approach to watershed science utilizing the “4 C’s”:
CHALLENGING participants to collect and think critically about scientific data
CREATING a sense of responsibility and stewardship for local waterways
CONNECTING students to their local rivers through experiential learning opportunities
CULTIVATING interest and appreciation for watershed science careers and opportunities.

River Watch

Water quality monitoring since 1995 in the Red River Basin. Now including River Explorers kayak trips, macroinvertebrate sampling, and the annual River Watch Forum.

River of Dreams

An intro to the connectivity of our planet’s water supply, emphasizing different scales and how our subwatersheds fit into the bigger picture.

Adult Education

A series of watershed topics to inform and educate adults. 

Featured Video: 2018 Minto River Watch

Minto’s River Watch team took home top honors at the #riverwatch18 Forum for their community engagement and water stewardship activities in the Forest River Watershed. View their video below to learn about their plans to improve recreational river access and the Halloween trail event they hosted this past fall.