Support Services

Support Services offered by the International Water Institute

As a 501(3) (c) non-profit, the International Water Institute is uniquely positioned to provide support services to local units of government, state and federal agencies, non-profit organizations, research institutions, and community entities. Support services are provided only when your need is consistent with IWI’s mission and core applied research initiatives. Support services are provided either as a member of your project team or on a contractual fee basis.
Check out a sampling of the support services provided by IWI below or view a PDF here!

Facilitating Your Water Challenge Dialogue

A neutral person is provided to guide and encourage constructive dialog for the water management challenges faced by your group. The facilitator works with you to examine perspectives and identify your common objectives. A path forward to achieve your group’s mutual objectives and desired outcomes is described and documented.

Workshops and Training Programs

Programs tailored to your specific water related problems and practical solutions for implementation are designed and delivered by IWI staff. The programs are built around a robust problem solving process to address the water challenges you face every day. Workshops and training programs can vary in length from a few hours to multiple days, depending on the complexity of the topic and your needs.

Adult Education Workshop Examples

Water Plan Implementation

Additional steps are necessary to move your recently completed water plan forward to implementation. Some of these steps include clearly describing the frequency and severity of the water related problems, refining your goals and water quality strategy, creating messaging for your communications programs, and implementing methods to assess and track water quality improvements. Support can also be provided for developing geo-spatial analysis and products to help engage landowners.

Surface Water Quality Monitoring

Support can be provided for the design of your monitoring network; equipment procurement, installation and operation; sample collection, data management, data analysis and interpretation; and the preparation of interpretive reports containing clear and relevant recommendations.
Learn more about our current Water Quality Monitoring Efforts:

Watershed Pollutant Load Monitoring NetworkWater Quality Training

Geo-spatial Data Collection and Analysis

Understanding your data can be greatly heightened through geo-spatial analysis and visualization methods common to the use of geographic information systems analysis. We provide support for developing effective programs for the collection of high resolution topographic data, developing hydro-conditioned digital elevation models, and data processing using the Prioritize Target and Measure Application (PTMApp). IWI staff use and interpret these data to address your real-world resource challenges. Custom applications can also be developed.

MN PTMAppND PTMAppPTMApp Training Materials

Center for Applied Research and Decision Support (CARDS)

IWI’s Research Program interprets and applies research results from academic and research institutions to develop cost-effective solutions to the complex water problems faced by communities. CARDS is a catalyst to assemble teams of scientists from academia, government agencies, non-profit organizations and the private sector to address specific research topics and provide decision support to effectively and efficiently address water and natural resource problems.
Explore our Center for Applied and Decision Support page for more information!

Writing Support

Grant Writing – Support services are provided to identify your funding needs and prepare grant applications for your proposed project.

Manuscript Review – Local units of government are often charged with decision or policy-making based on a wide range of technical manuscripts (e.g. watershed plans, study report, models). Support services are provide to facilitate independent technical review by objective experts.