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River Recreation (especially in the Red River Basin)

Asher Kingery, Project Specialist Over the years I have shortened how I introduce myself to others as simply a ‘river person.’ It’s short and easy to say but it leaves people confused and wondering what I do…..perfect!  Now they are ready to hear stories and learn more about what that self-made term means, and they…
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Where Are They Now? 2018 River of Dreams Canoe Sightings

By: Andy Ulven, with contributions from the Education team With hundreds of canoes now launched annually, reports of River of Dreams canoe sightings are becoming more commonplace, averaging several per week during ice-free months. From discoveries reported near the original launch site, to those popping up after years of silence hundreds of miles downstream, checking these…
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Headed to Hudson Bay: 2018 River of Dreams

The IWI revived its River of Dreams (ROD) program in 2016, and it has generated some of my most memorable work experiences to date. In the spring of 2018, ROD reached 18 schools, 31 classrooms, and over 600 students throughout the Red River Basin. Every year I find I am more impressed with our students’…
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