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IWI Map Portal

By: Austin Braget Hello everyone and welcome to our first blog posting of 2019!  This entry focuses on the IWI map portal, where you can find it, and what you can do with it. On the IWI website,, scroll down on the main page until you see the IWI Map Portal image and click…
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PTMApp Hydro-conditioning Finds, Part II

By:¬†Austin Braget, with contributions from the GIS team We are back with another set of interesting imagery finds from around the Red River Basin. This one has a number of features we had a difficult time identifying. The first two images (below) show the typical moisture patterns of fields with subsurface tile drainage. We look…
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PTMApp Hydro-conditioning Finds

By: Austin Braget, with contributions from the GIS team Here at the International Water Institute, the GIS group has been quite busy working on hydro-conditioning for our Prioritize, Targaret, Measure Application (PTMApp). We have been scouring the landscape of the Red River Basin, and during our work, we have come across a few interesting features…
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