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Sister Rivers – Red River of the North & Dniester River

In October, 2008, Bob Backman, FM River Keepers Executive Director (ret.) and I presented “The Role of Non-Profit Organizations in River and Resources Management: Red River of the North (United States and Canada)” at the International Dniester [nee-ster] Conference in Chisinau, Moldova. Our host was an organization called Eco-TIRAS and its Executive Director, Ilya [ill-e-ya]…
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It’s Never Goodbye, Just “See You Later!”

June, 2021 marked the end of Danielle Graham’s time here at the International Water Institute. Danielle started with IWI in 2017 as a Conservation Corps of Minnesota & Iowa servicemember and over the years she grew into her position as Education Program and Communications Specialist, leaving positive impressions on over 5,000 students, citizens, and professionals…
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Water quality sampling – from Winter to Spring

Asher Kingery – IWI Project Specialist In the larger rivers of the Red River Basin, water continues to flow year-round, even under the ice. In some cases, small streams and ditches can be frozen completely with almost zero flow under the ice. During the winter, precipitation falls as snow and stacks up instead of flowing…
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Skunk at the Picnic

By Jay A Leitch (IWI Board member) I’ve often wondered why so many people love to hate me. Of course, I’m not alone, since economists are the butt of countless jokes. Let’s assume for this article that it’s not me personally, but me as an economist. I wrote perhaps 600 manuscripts and delivered at least…
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A Day in the life of a GIS Project Manager

Grit May, GIS Project Manager As a GIS person, I spend nearly all day in an office behind several computers with large dual monitors. GIS or geographic information systems allows for the analysis of geospatial data. These data can come from multiple different sources such as satellite images, GPS surveys, or databases and tables with…
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A Year in the Life of a Conservation Corpsmember

LaRyssa Nelson, Monitoring and Education Corpsmember Hello!  My name is LaRyssa Nelson and I am the current Monitoring and Education Conservation Corpsmember at the International Water Institute!  I began my service term in January of 2020; jumping right into training for IWI’s River of Dreams program. Last year, IWI welcomed their two newest employees and…
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Watersheds 101 and Glacial Lake Agassiz

Taylor Lemieux, Monitoring and Education Specialist When I tell people about my job, the first thing they ask is “what’s a watershed?”. A watershed is an area of land that drains water into a specific area, usually a body of water. The watershed boundary will follow the elevation of the land, beginning at the highest…
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A Day in the Life of a Water Quality Monitor – Step by Step Guide to Field Monitoring

Phillip Oswald, Monitoring and Education Specialist A day in the life of a water quality monitor is a balance of planning and reacting. Under normal conditions, we sample every 10-14 days. However, I have to be ready to sample the very next day if there is a big rain event. The International Water Institute (IWI)…
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River Recreation (especially in the Red River Basin)

Asher Kingery, Project Specialist Over the years I have shortened how I introduce myself to others as simply a ‘river person.’ It’s short and easy to say but it leaves people confused and wondering what I do…..perfect!  Now they are ready to hear stories and learn more about what that self-made term means, and they…
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Fresh Look for 2018

Welcome to the International Water Institute’s new website! We revamped the site in its entirety, so take your time to explore and feel free to reach out to our staff with any questions. Stay tuned for more updates soon!